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Leica Elmarit-R 19 mm f2.8 ROM

The Leica Elmarit-R 19 mm f2.8 ROM is, for most connoisseurs, the
best Ultra wide angle lens ever made .It is almost perfectly Rectilinear
assuring perfect reproduction of the finest image details, and is also virtually
insensitive to flare even at maximum aperture. I own one and it has quickly
become one of my most precious lens , and as a matter of fact , my camera
is always stored with it installed because since it sees the world the same way that my eyes and brain do .That is the view I want to have ,when I first reach for the camera.

This lens has Internal Focusing , which means its external length does not
change when Focusing , but it does so Internally , projecting rearwards
towards the Dust Filter . To accomplish that, its last optical group moves inside a cylinder or barrel that projects rearwards (And touches the Filter ).

optical elements

To use this lens on a converted SD14 , that barrel needs to be filed down by almost a Millimeter, shown here , at the beginning of the process,already done on one side of it.




This is delicate work , and in this particular lens , the fact that the rear group slides in the barrel , seems to be clearly antagonist to any process that might create dust or filings that might enter the sliding mechanism. It can be done , of course under Controlled Laboratory conditions , mounted on a Special Custom Fixture , with a Strong Vacuum nozzle next to it , and cut with a High Speed Dremmel Tool, Angled away from the Axis so all the debris flies away from the innards of the lens ,directly to the Vacuum Nozzle in close proximity to it or in a specialized Lathe.

Since this problem is not unique to the 19 Elmarit , but to all the Leica lenses that have internal focusing or Floating Elements, a better solution is to use an external Leica UV/IR filter of the series Leica_13415_UVA_IR ,or its equivalent and remove the camera I/R filter thus eliminating the internal Interference.

Using an external filter will require a Custom White Balance prior to the captures or special actions during post processing.

Another solution , that I personally use (As seen in the image above) , is to use a Leica 1.4 X Apo extender and leave the internal filter in place . This does not require external filters or custom White balance (Although this is the best way to achieve good color )


Some people have shown great urgency in being able to use those lenses that require a Slim Filter. For them I offer a Temporary , do it yourself, solution .

Carefully remove the Glass Filter from its plastic enclosure and attach the Glass to the Mirror Cavity using a good Thin Tape cut as as shown here:

This works well and will allow you to start using those great lenses until we come up with a more elegant solution.
The image above was taken with the Leica 19 f2.8 plus Leica 1.4X Apo Extender