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"Sigma SD14-R Pro ®

Leica-R Pro mount kit"


This listing is for a unique ,custom made , Leica-R mount REPLACEMENT kit for the Sigma SD14 camera.

This kit replaces the original SA mount by a custom made Leica-R one , effectively rededicating the camera to the Leica-R system. That is why I called it an SD14-R mount.It replaces the SA mount using the original screws to attach to the camera body and is entirely reversible.You can download a PDF file here ,with illustrated installation instructions ,that will give you a better understanding of what this mount is and what is required from you , to install it .Please read the most frequently asked questions F.A.Q. These along with the Lens Usability List will allow you to make an Informed purchase decision.


Some argue that it is pointless to use Leica lenses on DSLR's, since their super-high resolution is lost on low-resolution sensors. A 120 lp/mm Leica lens seems to them like overkill for most conventional DSLR ,which can barely reach 40-50 lp/mm .

This is not so for Sigma cameras!! Serious studies on Foveon sensor capabilities report, that , even though their Spatial Sampling Frequency ( Pixel Spacing) is 127.53 pixels / mm , their EFFECTIVE resolution reaches 132 pixels PER MM , that is far above its Nyquist frequency (1/2*pixel spacing) , with no limiting Moire.

This is the kind of resolving power Leica lenses are famous for.

A match made in Heaven.

It is clear that for sensors with pixels smaller than 4 µm ,( High Spatial Sampling Frequency ),final image resolution is limited by lens quality more than by any other factor , excepting noise.

If a lens is "too good" ,having an extended MTF response beyond the sensor's Nyquist frequency , "aliasing" could be a problem , and the lens's sharpness might not be useable. Most DSLR with conventional Bayer sensors, have anti-aliasing filters for this purpose . But the reduced aliasing comes at the expense of resolution.

The Foveon sensor in the Sigma SDxx cameras has an unusually high MTF ( Contrast ) at its Nyquist frequency, yet it has no anti-aliasing filter. Any aliasing , if it happens , is usually unnoticeable , because it is monochrome, not color.


The clear conclusion is that If the lens is not good enough, it won't be able to take advantage of the potential resolution of the sensor.

NOTE :This point is very important . High spatial frequencies correspond to fine image detail. The more extended the response,the finer the detail ,the sharper the image.

Isn't it that what good photography is all about?


If that is not a sufficient argument there's more to a lens than just resolving power!

  • Think Sharpness and Contrast.
  • Think smooth and pleasing bokeh.
  • Think low vignetting when wide open.
  • Think flare resistance and consistent color balance between different focal lengths.
  • Think low distortion for rectilinear ultra-wides.
  • Think solid metal construction which retains its aperture & focus ring firmness , from -25 degrees celsius to Plus 60 , even after decades of use.
  • Think of increase in value over time ,rather than built in obsolescence and loss of value.


To have a first hand look at what is possible to do with this camera , please visit the following galleries:

The manufacturing process of this Mount Replacement kit is very labour intensive so we cannot offer more than a few per Month.

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