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"Sigma SD14-OM ®

Olympus-OM mount Replacement kit"

This listing is for a unique ,custom made , long awaited , Olympus-OM , mount Replacement kit for the Sigma SD14 camera.

This kit , designed for self installation , replaces the original SA mount by a custom made Olympus-OM one , effectively rededicating the camera to the extensive , high quality Olympus OM system.


Like all our other mount replacement kits , they are easily reversible by reinstalling the original camera mount , since the camera is not , in any way , modified by the installation of this kit.


Of course the operation becomes Manual Focus with internal focus assistance provided by the camera in the form of a Beep and a light that comes on in the viewfinder.


Most Olympus OM lenses can be used with no problems , but a few older ones ,that have a Light Shield that projects too far into the camera , will need to have their skirts trimmed off to prevent interference with the Dust Filter of the SD14 . This minor problem is common to all the mount replacement kits , since there is a large number of variations in lens design that ocurred over the years.


The camera can be operated in Aperture Priority mode or Manual Exposure . Aperture Priority works really well and is the Preferred Mode of operation.


The benefits of using these Manual lenses is the large number of high performance lenses that can be purchased economically and the large degree of Photographic control that can be obtained.


This two factors are a real boom for any aspiring artist , since photographic equipment ,nowadays ,have become really expensive . Obviously this is great news for those people that refused to let go of their favorite Olympus camera lenses that served them so well . Now they can be used with the camera that is quickly becoming the camera of choice , the Sigma SD14.


The results are really good as can be seen in the accompanying photographs . Low Level light photography is easilly handled by the 50mm f1.8 Zuiko lens, used in this images . Imagine what you can do with the f1.2 !




The images are Sharp , Contrasty and Colorful. If you are into Macro photography , you are lucky , because Olympus made all kinds of accessories for Macro, plus some oustanding Macro lenses.



However , in practice , you don't really need those accessories , since most normal lenses can focus really close as you can see in these closeups of the Bird of Paradise . The 50 f1.8 can focus as close as .45 Meter , or about a Foot .



The lightness of the SD14 camera plus the feather light ,compact Zuiko lenses ,work together to allow for easy Hand Held photography, even with available light.



The manufacturing process of this Mount Replacement kit is very labour intensive so we cannot offer more than a few per Month.

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