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"Sigma SD14-F ®

NIKON-F mount kit"



This listing is for a unique ,custom made ,breakthrough ,NIKON-F mount REPLACEMENT kit for the Sigma SD14 camera.


This mount came to life as a request from many people that have lots of outstanding Manual Nikon lenses, from the Film times, that ,until now, couldn't be used on a Digital Camera.


The good news is that now , not only they can , but they can match their Nikon F lenses to the camera that is quickly becoming the Artists Tool of choice, the Sigma SD14.



This kit replaces the original SA mount by a custom made Nikon-F one effectively rededicating the camera to the Nikon system. That is why I called it an SD14-F mount.It replaces the SA mount using the original screws to attach to the camera body and is entirely reversible.



This mount is so new that nobody has it , other than me , and therefore there is not yet a list of lenses that can or cannot be used in the SD14 without interference with the Dust Filter , which is always a possibility with those Ultra wide angle lenses and Fisheyes that made Nikon famous.

The mount was modeled after the Nikon F mount but as seen in the accompanying images the modern AF Nikkor lenses will also mount , because of Nikon's Backward compatibility . However only those lenses that have an Aperture Ring will be able to provide the full control required for Manual or Aperure Priority Operation.It has been pointed out to me that non F lenses lenses that will work are the AF-S and D-type lenses. I am not a Nikon user and my knowledge of the vast Nikon line of lenses is limited to the F Mount.

The Lens usability list will have to be made with cooperation from the users themselves as I am not a Nikon user and have not gone beyond the two lenses that you see here, plus a 500 f8 Mirror lens . On this lenses there is more clearance than I experience on my Leica-R mount replacement kits for SD14 ,that you can see on my other listings.


This is very promising . As you can see in the Lens Usability List

The three lenses I used ,they all focus to Infinity , stop down well ,and the camera, in Aperture Priority , exposes well .Colors are very neutral , images are sharp and contrasted.


You will be able to see images taken with the Nikon lenses at :






The manufacturing process of this Mount Replacement kit is very labour intensive so we cannot offer more than a few per Month.

For direct purchases via PayPal Invoice please email luis@sigmacumlaude.com


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