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Articles and Tutorials:

Articles are an introduction to advanced concepts , necessary for the understanding of the Hands-on Tutorials . Implementation is only lightly discussed

Tutorials are all about Implementation and assume familiarity with advanced concepts , so they avoid elaboration of their basis . However , when appropriate , they reference relevant Articles by highlighting critical Words in Bold , and include an implicit link to information.




  • P.S.F , L.S.F and Modulation Transfer Function ( M.T.F)


  • I's all about Vision

    • Seeing the Light

    Identifying Scene Types


  • It's all about the sensor

  • The CCD story

    The CMOS story

    The Bayer story

    The Foveon Story

  • I's all about the Glass

  • Why Leica lenses.

    The Leica Glow

    Zeiss Glass

    Canon Glass



  • How to create a Custom LINEAR Color Profile
  • Dual Processing