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Lens Usability Lists for Sigma DSLR

These lists are expected to grow as the user base grows and cooperation and feedback increases.

    ☛Our Custom Made Mount Replacement kits are Hand Made to Order. They do not come from a production line but ,instead, they are made one by one, in Jewellers lathes, much like Jewelry is made , to offer a unique, acceptable, solution to people with Orphan lenses , enabling them to use those lenses on a digital Sigma DSLR cameras extending their usable life beyond their intended time and at the same time enhance the quality of their images. These kits are for user installation and have to accommodate lenses that are generally 20 years old. Therefore results might vary with user skill levels and condition of their lenses and cameras

    ☛Some older lens versions might not mount due to slight differences of the contemporary mount. Fixable with slight grinding or filing of either lens Bayonet or camera mount. There might be a production point were no trimming is necessary, so please take these lists as a starting point and not as a base for making purchase decisions.

    ☛Our Mount Replacement kits are designed for Original MANUAL lenses only . Other lenses such as modern Digital lenses or other brands might also mount but will not work properly since the mount was designed for original manual lenses only . Same is true for "ADAPTALL" adapters that are outside of our design.

    ☛Our Mount Replacement kits have provision for adjusting for lens wear. Use a small screw driver to open up the slits of the mount to increase Grip Pressure and remove any lens play .