Dita Von Teese Awesome Vegas Show and Fancy Outfits

Dita Von Teese, the modern queen of burlesque, started her new show, A Jubilant Revue, in Las Vegas. This 75-minute show at the Horseshoe Las Vegas’s iconic Jubilee Theater is a tribute to Jubilee!, a famous revue show that ran from 1981 to 2016. Dita’s new show has elements from the original Jubilee! alongside new dances, songs, and designs.

Honoring Jubilee!

Dita Von Teese loves Jubilee! and used to watch it a lot when in Vegas. She liked the fancy costumes with feathers and rhinestones. The original Jubilee! costumes, made by famous designers like Bob Mackie and Pete Menefee, are now part of Dita’s show. She wanted to show off these old showgirl costumes, adding her own touch, like Swarovski crystal pasties. Dita wants to change how people see traditional showgirl costumes and make them more unique.

Friends Helping with Cool Outfits

Dita’s friends and collaborators helped create her fancy wardrobe for the new show. Catherine D’Lish, who has worked with Dita for 23 years, made a special bodysuit with Swarovski crystals for Dita’s martini-glass part. Jenny Packham, a designer, made two beautiful beaded outfits—a pink cowgirl costume and a white tiger-tamer look. Christian Louboutin, a famous shoe designer, made custom shoes, including a special heel just for Dita. Their teamwork ensures Dita’s outfits are amazing.

Having Fun with Costumes

Dita can go all out with her costumes in this residency, unlike her usual world tours where she needs practical outfits for traveling. Quick changes might be tricky, but Dita doesn’t worry about practicality. She likes making her outfits extraordinary and impractical, focusing on beautiful and special things.

Dita’s Big Ideas and Goals

Dita hopes people leave her show feeling happy and full of imagination. She believes her Vegas show is one of a kind and wants people to enjoy it. Dita’s goal is to show that burlesque and showgirl style can be different and exciting. She wants to celebrate glamour, sensuality, and being a little bit daring without saying sorry. Dita also wants to show that beauty comes in all shapes and colors, hoping to inspire others.

Wrapping Up the Fabulous Show

In conclusion, Dita Von Teese’s Vegas show is a mix of old and new, with stunning outfits and fun performances. She wants the audience to have a great time, feel happy, and appreciate the beauty and excitement of burlesque. Dita’s residency is a special place to enjoy different styles and celebrate all kinds of beauty.